Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Direct Closers?
    Direct Closers is a scheduling and order management software platform subscribed by title insurance companies. It’s much more than a notary database.
  • Does it cost anything to create a closer profile on
    It is absolutely FREE to create a closer profile on It is optional to purchase our loan signing training and certification program. It is also optional to purchase the upgraded listing to get more visibility.
  • What should I list as my asking fees?
    Your asking fees are the fees you would tell a title company should they call you for your services. If you do not know what asking fees to enter in your profile because you have no idea what the signing categories are or entail then I highly suggest taking our training program. Otherwise we recommend using a competitive rate. You may think title companies will pay more than a signing service company would pay you because the “middleman” has been eliminated. This theory is not exactly true. First of all, why do you think title companies are using our platform to begin with to call you directly as opposed to using a signing service? They made the transition to our platform to save money. If Direct Closers wasn’t going to save the title company money then why would they want to deal with the burden of finding, hiring, and managing notaries if a signing service company will do it for them for the same fee? Secondly, the title company now needs to staff more employees or devote human resources to manage the responsibilities they had been outsourcing to the singing service company they were using. Leaving their signing service and adopting our platform does not create an automatic windfall for them. To be considered for hire your fees must be competitive. You will rarely receive phone calls for your services if you price yourself outside of the competitive range.
  • Is Direct Closers paying me for the signing orders that I am hired on?
    Direct Closers does not pay you. The company that hires you is paying you for your services. That company is listed on your signing order.
  • How does Direct Closers make their money?
    We make money through the subscription revenues we receive from the title companies subscribed to use our scheduling and order management software.
  • What title companies are using Direct Closers?
    All title company users are listed under the “Title Registration” button on your open orders screen while logged in at However, only closers who have successfully passed our certification exam are permitted to access this list and register to be added to a company’s Personal List of closers. The Personal List is the list a title company will view first to search for and hire a closer from prior to resorting to the All Closers List. A title company can still add you to their list even if you aren’t certified but only after completing your first closing order with them.
  • What is the Direct Closers certification or Certified Master Closer certification?
    By passing the Certified Master Closer exam and becoming certified you are demonstrating your broad and extensive knowledge of your line of work. This means you possess the knowledge to summarize real estate documents (which is not the same as giving legal advice or opinions), answer common questions that frequently are asked at the signing, and represent the title company in a professional manner, almost as if you were one of their own title representatives conducting the signing.
  • I am NNA Certified, doesn’t that count? Why should I have to get Direct Closers certified?
    The NNA is just another private company that profits from their programs. The NNA is not a government organization. The NNA’s certification is distinctively different from the Direct Closers Certified Master Closer program and certification. The NNA teaches how to be “just a notary”. They do not teach how to summarize documents or answer questions at the table. Also, and interestingly, they choose to teach notaries to not say anything during the signing. This is not what most title companies are looking for when they are hiring a notary or attorney to complete their signing. The Direct Closers Certified Master Closer training is the next step to improve your signing services beyond “just being a notary.”
  • What if I have been doing this for years and believe that I already know everything I need to know? Why should I have to sit through the Direct Closers training to become a Certified Master Closer?
    You need to think of this as an educational seminar or as continued education. If you are open minded to at least give yourself a chance you might be surprised. You might enjoy watching the videos and learning more than you thought you would. We have had veteran closers (yes, more than one) contact us just to tell us they had no idea how much they didn’t know – even after working in the industry for many years! But the answer to this question is you don’t have to take the trading program if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to purchase it and pretend like you did. If you feel like you can pass the test then you can order the test by itself for only $25.
  • Why does the training and Certification cost me money?
    I’m sure you can agree that it would not be wise for our company to let everyone complete our training and take the certification test over and over for free. This would be like offering everybody the Upgraded Listing ($9.99/yr) for free – everyone would get it which would make it meaningless because there would be no non-premium listings in the database! The small fee (much smaller than other less comprehensive programs like the NNA’s) to complete our training and certification is enough to both recover the cost that our company invested to develop the training class, the exam, and programming and to deter those who are not serious about improving their skills and knowledge. Imagine if college was free…everyone would go, even if just for fun and the dropout rate would be through the roof!
  • How long am I allowed to watch the training videos?
    You will receive instant access for life to watch the training videos upon purchase and can reference them any time you need to brush up on one of the topics or investigate a questions that may have come up down the road.
  • What incentives are there to becoming a Certified Master Closer?
    The minute you successfully pass the exam with an 85% score or better your profile will stand out in the closer search engine on the title company’s platform and on the GeoFinder located on the Direct Closers home page also your profile view page will also show the certification. Additionally, you will have instant access to the Title Registration tab from your member log in. Your Certified Master Closer certificate will also be promptly mailed to you.
  • Can I still receive work from the title companies that use the Direct Closers Platform if I am not Certified?
    You absolutely can be called for hire without obtaining the certification.
  • What is the Upgrade Listing option?
    The closer search engine on the title company’s platform is designed to list the closers from based on their proximity to the signing location with the nearest on top. The Upgrade Listing gives you 20 zip codes in which you will get a preferred listing. Your profile shows up at or near the top of the list when a search is done within any of the 20 zip codes you selected. Many choose zip codes that are 10 to 20 miles away from you since you will likely be near the top of the list anyway for searches within this close radius.
  • What if there are many notaries using the Upgrade Listing option for the same zip code? How are they sub-sorted at the top of the list?
    For now the Upgrade Listing results are being sub-sorted again by proximity to the signing location. So if there are three notaries with Upgraded Listings in a certain zip code those three will be ordered based on how close they are to the signing location with the closest listed first. This may change in the future to a merit based or round-robin based sub-sorting or even an hybrid of both.
  • How do I obtain technical support?
    You can email
  • How do I find out more information that is not found on this page?
    You can email